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An internationally unique project that combines classic training wall used in fire departments with modern climbing tracks and the original Wall Be Safe dual self-belaying system. Thanks to its innovativeness, the wall offers many applications - from balance training and improvement of the qualifications of fire service officers to the unique and unprecedented promotion of the firefighter profession.


Improving the qualifications of officers

The wall gives the opportunity to conduct professional trainings in the field of basic altitude rescue, self-rescue and specialist altitude rescue. The object allows training with the use of lifts and ladders (regular or scaffold), on which fire lines can be led to above-ground storeys. Thanks to this, it is also possible to carry out exercises with water supply.

Balance and focus training

Climbing allows the training of balance that is one of the most important skills that a fire brigade officer must possess and improve. Feeling of the body in space, the coordination of movement and the ability to concentrate in difficult conditions determine the safety of the firefighter's everyday work. All these skills can be practiced on the side walls of the Firefighter’s Training Wall without the need to rent additional equipment and hire qualified personnel.

Unparalleled promotion of the firefigher profession

Firefighter’s Training Wall can be a unique attraction during events related to raising awareness about safety and enable unprecedented promotion of the firefighter's profession. The fire brigade can organize demonstrations and climbing trainings for children, which have a very positive effect on them: they develop the sense of balance, improve their psychomotor skills, allow to get used to staying at height, overcome fear and relieve stress.

Development in the fire sport

Climbing as a modern form of active development of physical fitness, enjoys great popularity among professionals and uniformed services. The sporting competition motivates the officers to improve their skills and physical conditions, which translates directly into the effects of the rescue and firefighting activities. The front wall allows for technical improvement in the competition of climbing using a hook ladder to the 3rd floor, and the side climbing walls help in the general physical development of athletes.



  • The supporting element of the device is a steel structure mounted on a reinforced concrete foundation.
  • The front of the construction is a 4.5m x 14m wall that reflects an elevation of a 3-story building. On each floor there are two windows with wooden window sills. At the height of the first floor of the wall, a safety net is mounted on the protruding structure.
  • On the inner side of the structure, on each floor there are platforms surrounded by a balustrade, connected by a ladder.
  • At the foot of the front wall is a foundation made of multiple layers of different materials with a total thickness of 1.5 m. The foundation acts as a cushion to absorb the energy from the fall. In front of the cushion there is a tartan run-up with a width of 4m.


  • One or two independent climbing tracks, each equipped with the original dual Wall Be Safe self-belaying system are mounted on the sides of the Wall. The system eliminates the need to engage additional people to assure the safety of the climber.
  • The safety systems are embedded in the control cabinets located on the sides of the wall.
  • The track surface is made of interchangeable panels made of polyester-glass laminate. The panels are demountable and come in multiple different colors.
  • The tracks are equipped with an interchangeable grip system in 3 colors, which gives you the opportunity to obtain 7 climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty. The arrangement of the grips can be changed at any time by the user.



The innovative Wall Be Safe technology replaces traditional climber’s protection, offering a new and unprecedented dimension of security. As the only such solution in the world, Wall Be Safe has two independent self-belaying systems that guarantee the climber an absolute assurance. The wall has all required permits, and its safety has been appreciated by renown polish certificate of PRS.


Thanks to the unique combination of a traditional firefighter training wall, side climbing walls and a double safety system, the device allows, among others, for improving technical and physical skills of officers, balance training, practicing fire sports or organizing shows for children that promote the profession of a firefighter.


The proprietary technology of double self-belaying is an innovation that enables safe climbing without having to hire qualified instructors. Between it’s wide functionality, unprecedented safety and many practical applications, the Firefighter Training Wall constitutes a unique project on an international scale.


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